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21:13 Ahram OnlineIn Pictures: Egypt opens Naguib Mahfouz Museum (10)

The museum was inaugurated on Sunday, 13 years after the death of Mahfouz

11:56 Ynet.Co.ilIsrael social impact bond to help Bedouins in maths studies (8)

The program launched by Social Finance Israel intends to increase the number of students matriculating in higher levels of maths in the Bedouin town of Rahat in southern Israel from the current level of only 15%

09:33 ReutersIsrael social impact bond to help Bedouins in maths studies (8)

Social Finance Israel (SFI) has launched a social impact bond to improve maths performance for high school students in the country's Bedouin community.

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgypt offers condolences for victims of South Asia’s floods (7)

13:28 Ahram OnlineEgypt's tourism minister discusses cooperation with World Bank, IFC officials (7)

The minister explores enhancing cooperation with international financial institutions, with a focus on green tourism

02:19 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comTourism sector accounts for 20% of Egypt’s GDP: Al-Mashat (7)

22:10 Ahram OnlineEgyptian winger Salah out of Livepool squad for USA tour (6)

15:39 ReutersKuwait hands Muslim Brotherhood-linked militants to Egypt: KUNA agency (6)

Kuwait has handed over to Egyptian authorities eight members of a militant cell arrested on its territory and who it said were linked to the Muslim Brotherhood group, state news agency KUNA reported.

18:00 Ahram OnlineEgypt's tourism minister meets Beautiful Destinations founder during US visit (6)

Jeremy Johnson, Beautiful Destinations founder, is one of the most prominent bloggers and influencers on social media specialised in tourism and travel

20:27 Ahram OnlineEgypt’s economic reforms are improving business, investment climate: World Bank report (5)

20:01 ReutersFrance, Britain, Egypt, UAE, U.S., Italy call for immediate end of Libya violence (5)

France, Britain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, United States and Italy on Tuesday called for an immediate end of hostilities around Tripoli and warned of attempts by "terrorist groups" to take advantage of the political void in Libya.

19:39 IsraelNationalNews.ComEgyptian scholar says ‘extremist’ Jews use blood to make matzah (5)

Hebrew scholar working in Saudi Arabia spreads blood libel on Egyptian radio.

17:18 Ahram OnlineInterest rate in Egypt to stand at 14.75 in 12 months’ time: Trading Economics (5)

15:40 Aljazeera.Net'Horrendous': HRW slams Kuwait for deporting Egyptian dissidents (5)

Kuwait forcibly returned the eight men claiming they were a 'terrorist' cell linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

10:21 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comHike by 126.4% in Egypt’s exports to Jordon during Q1 of 2019 (5)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comKuwait extradites 8 terrorism-charged Muslim Brotherhood members to Egypt (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comBrazil’s exports to Egypt worth $791.53m during H1 of 2019: ABCC (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comExhibition chronicles contradictory media coverage of life of Egypt’s last queen, Fawzia (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comAchieved militant victories against IS not enough: Egypt’s FM (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comKuwait pledges to continue security cooperation with Egypt (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgypt launches cross sector investment map with 3,000 opportunities (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgypt’s average consumption of gas to score 6.39bn scf/day in 2019/20 (5)

09:46 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comAl-Sisi cites Egyptians’ support as reason for Egypt’s positive economic indicators (5)

21:23 ReutersKuwait hands Muslim Brotherhood-linked militants to Egypt: KUNA (5)

Kuwait has handed over to Egypt eight Egyptians who it said had admitted to carrying out terrorist operations in their home country, and had fled to Kuwait after being convicted in Egypt, the state news agency KUNA reported.

17:28 Ahram OnlineVisa Player Escort Programme makes dreams come true for Egyptian children (5)

7 Egyptian children led players onto the pitch at Total AFCON 2019 quarter-final match in Cairo

13:54 Ahram OnlineEgypt gears up to receive Algerian, Senegalese fans eyeing victory in AFCON final clash (5)

02:19 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comTotal of 400,000 Egyptians removed from subsidised food commodities ration cards (5)

16:35 ТАССЭксперты: Севастополь и Крым возглавили рейтинг по росту цен на новостройки в регионах (4)

Годовой рост цен на новостройки в Севастополе составил 30%, в Крыму - 29%

13:32 Ahram OnlineEgypt, Jordan foreign ministers discuss political, economic issues (4)

10:22 Trend.azВзрыв на заводе Israel Military Industries в Рамат Ха Шарон (4)

На заводе концерна Israel Military Industries в городе Рамат Ха Шарон 15 июля прогремел мощный взрыв

10:09 IsraelNationalNews.Com'Peace impossible until Iran, Muslim Brotherhood are destroyed' (4)

Ken Abramowitz, well-known activist and philanthropist, outlines the ten challenges Israel faces, fight between democracies and dictators.

17:28 Ahram OnlinePlastics ban in the Red Sea (4)

Egypt’s Red Sea governorate is banning the use of single-use plastic bags and other items in a bid to clean up the environment

12:48 Cbonds.infoНовый выпуск: Эмитент Banque Centrale Tunisia International Bond разместил еврооблигации (XS2023698553) со ставкой купона 6.375% на сумму EUR 700.0 млн со сроком погашения в 2026 году (4)

10 июля 2019 эмитент Banque Centrale Tunisia International Bond разместил еврооблигации (XS2023698553) cо ставкой купона 6.375% на сумму EUR 700.0 млн со сроком погашения в 2026 году. Депозитарий: Clearstream Banking S.A., Euroclear Bank, DTCC Организатор: Standard Chartered Bank, Citigroup, Natixis.

12:06 MIGnews.com Взрыв на заводе Israel Military Industries в Рамат Ха Шарон (4)

Водители на шоссе №4 сообщают о том, что над заводом стоит облако дыма.

11:57 HomesOverseas.ruИндекс цен на жилье на Кипре вырос в первом квартале 2019 года (4)

Индекс цен на жилье на Кипре вырос в первом квартале 2019 года, пишет портал Tornos News.
По сравнению с предыдущим периодом этот показатель вырос на 0,8%, тогда как ранее рост был более значительным в размере 4,3%.

21:56 GordonUA.comВ Египте открыли "ломанную пирамиду" фараона Снорфу. Фоторепортаж (4)

13 июля власти Египта открыли для туристов расположенную в некрополе египетских фараонов Дахшур в 40 км от Каира "ломанную" пирамиду фараона Снорфу. ВВС сообщает, что для посетителей открыли узкий 79-метровый тоннель, который ведет к двум комнатам глубоко внутри пирамиды. Также археологи презентовали мумии, маски и инструменты, обнаруженные во время раскопок, которые начались возле некрополя в 2018 году. "Ломанная" пирамида отличается формой от других, в том числе от Розовой (Северной) пирамиды – ее нижняя часть конструкции поднимается под углом 54 градуса, верхняя – под углом 43 градуса.

20:30 Ahram OnlineEgypt condemns terrorist attack on Somalia's hotel (4)

18:00 RT.comEgypt opens ‘Bent Pyramid’ for 1st time in decades & displays newly-discovered mummies (PHOTOS) (4)

Egypt opened two ancient pyramids south of Cairo to the public for the first time in 54 years, including the unusually-shaped Bent Pyramid which is 4,600 years old and reveals a key step in the evolution of pyramid construction. Read Full Article at RT.com

16:41 IsraelNationalNews.ComEgypt working to prevent new Gaza conflict (4)

Egyptian delegation meets with Hamas and PA leaders in bid to prevent new escalation between Israel and Gaza.

15:42 Telegraph.co.ukEgypt's 'bent pyramid' opens to visitors  (4)

00:03 Aljazeera.NetTutankhamun's head auctioned for $6m in UK despite Egypt's outcry (4)

Egyptian authorities say the artefact was stolen, a claim Christie's auction house denies.

13:45 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comWorld Bank announces $500m to expand, improve Egypt’s social safety nets (4)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English