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19:03 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comParis dresses up for ancient Egypt’s young king (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

00:49 Aljazeera.NetEgypt's Morsi: The Final Hours (2)

Investigation into the behind-the-scenes events during the final days of Egypt's first democratically-elected president.

23:13 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comShoukry in Muscat for Egyptian-Omani committee (2)

18:09 Ahram OnlineThree Egyptian workers killed in mosque construction accident in Kuwait (2)

13:39 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comMetallurgical Holding Company, NUCA sign cooperation protocol to develop 1m sqm land plot in New Cairo (2)

10:09 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comForeign tourists spend over EGP 218.1bn in Egypt in 2018: WTTC (2)

10:09 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comAdviser of Yemeni Minister of Defence dies in Cairo vehicle accident (2)

19:03 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEBRD to roll out programme to develop Egyptian municipalities’ infrastructure (2)

04:20 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsrael griff Gazastreifen an (2)

04:08 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsrael atacó la Franja de Gaza (2)

03:17 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comTourism Ministry calls on Air India to re-launch its direct flights to Egypt (2)

16:16 Ahram OnlineFour Egyptians among casualties of New Zealand terror attack (2)

08:35 Jerusalem PostEgypt proposal: Gaza demilitarized in exchange for lifting siege - report (1)

23:30 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comPrime Minister orders restructuring Egypt ERA’s board of directors (1)

23:30 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com150m scf/day of gas to be exported from Israel to Egypt next June (1)

20:25 ReutersSudan says Egyptian Red Sea oil and gas blocks are on its territory (1)

Sudan considers oil and gas exploration blocks offered by Egypt in the Red Sea's Halayeb area as a direct intrusion into Sudanese territory, Saad al-Deen Hussein al-Bishri, minister of state at Khartoum's oil ministry, was cited as saying.

19:40 ReutersEgyptian Red Sea oil and gas blocks intrude on Sudanese territory: Khartoum (1)

Oil and gas exploration blocks offered by Egypt in the Red Sea's "Halayeb Triangle" are considered a direct intrusion into Sudanese territory, Sudan's state news agency SUNA said on Wednesday, citing a ministry official.

15:30 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comOmani sovereign wealth fund explores investment opportunities in Egypt (1)

15:30 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comFifth Coaltrans Cairo discusses expansion in using coal in industrialisation (1)

15:30 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comWitness to War and Peace: Egypt, the October War, and Beyond: English memoir of Al-Sadat’s Cabinet  (1)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

15:17 BBCAlaa Al Aswany: Egypt 'sues novelist for insulting state' (1)

Bestselling author Alaa Al Aswany is alleged to have insulted the president, army and judiciary.

09:03 Trend.azАварийная посадка лайнера Iran Air (Видео) (1)

В Сети появилось видео аварийной посадки самолета компании Iran Air в тегеранском аэропорту Мехрабад.

06:20 КоммерсантЪЗагоревшийся самолет авиакомпании Iran Air потушен (1)

Загоревшийся самолет авиакомпании Iran Air потушен

23:13 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comUS dollar records lowest level against Egyptian pound since March 2017 (1)

22:34 Sputnik.ruСамолет Iran Air сел в Тегеране с нераскрывшимися шасси. Информацию о пожаре на борту опровергли (1)

Информацию о пожаре на борту самолета в аэропорту Тегерана опровергли. Как пишет 19 марта Fars News, самолет Iran Air испытывал сложности при посадке, однако возгорания все же не было.

17:45 ReutersRobots compete with child jockeys in Egyptian camel races (1)

Remote-controlled robot jockeys lined up at a major camel racing festival in northeastern Egypt, as owners came under pressure from campaigns to stop using child riders.

16:48 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgyptian Museum celebrates women’s month by displaying two rare statues (1)

16:48 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEighth D-CAF Festival to colour greyness of Cairo’s streets (1)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

14:14 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comUrgent comprehensive strategy needed for Egyptian industry: GB (1)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

10:09 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgypt offers condolences for victims of Indonesia, east Africa’s flash floods (1)

10:09 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comThree private Egyptian firms finalising their listing procedures for EGX in 2019 (1)

10:09 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comUS dollar loses 5 piasters against Egyptian pound on Monday (1)

03:50 ИноСМИ.RuJerusalem Post (Израиль): русскоязычные евреи, сформировавшие Израиль (1)

Мало кто знает о том, насколько важный вклад русскоязычные евреи внесли в создание Израиля. Для многих связь между русским еврейством и государством Израиль появилась лишь в 1990-е годы, когда из России в Израиль эмигрировали около миллиона евреев. Напомнить о роли русскоязычных евреев в становлении Израиля пытается фонд «Генезис», пишет «Джерусалем Пост».

00:32 Abkhazian Network News AgencyLes Su-35 russes en Egypte || Actualités du jour, le 18 mars (1)

23:02 Ahram OnlineEgyptian tourism booms ahead of the global average: World travel council (1)

19:38 Ahram OnlineTunisian cinema honoured at this year's Luxor African Film Festival (1)

19:38 Ahram OnlineEgypt's envoy to New Zealand offers condolences to families of Egyptian victims of mosque attack (1)

19:03 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comGeorgia, Egypt discuss operating regular flights to three local destinations (1)

17:14 News.amThe Times of Israel: Лапшин стал заложником оружейных сделок между Азербайджаном и Беларусью (1)

12:03 HomesOverseas.ruВ 2018 году жилье в Хошимине подорожало на 17% (1)

В 2018 году жилье в Хошимине подорожало на 17%, сообщает портал Business Insider.
Сейчас роскошная квартира в центре Хошимина может стоить более 5000 долларов за квадратный метр.
Подобные результаты местного рынка недвижимости эксперты комментируют как итог сильной экономики Вьетнама и изменений в законодательстве страны, когда было разрешено приобретать недвижи

11:29 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comNew offerings will attract new investors, new capital into Egyptian market: head of securities division at FEDCOC (1)

08:42 5-TV.ruRed Hot Chili Peppers зажгли на фоне египетских пирамид — видео (1)

Американские рокеры отыграли концерт в Гизе.

23:36 Abkhazian Network News AgencyAn airstrike on the tent camp in Syria || Weekly News, 16th of March, 2019 (1)

04:20 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsraele ha attaccato striscia di Gaza (1)

04:08 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsraël a frappé contre la bande de Gaza (1)

03:17 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEighth edition of Luxor African Film Festival launches from Karnak Temple (1)

03:17 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comFaisal Islamic Bank of Egypt purchases new office in Smart Village (1)

03:17 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comParliament to discuss protection of personal data in Egypt (1)