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21:56 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Giza Pyramids lit orange in campaign against gender violence (10)

The 16-day campaign is run by the National Council for Women and the UN Women Office in Egypt

23:07 RFI.fr Egypt court to examine case of singer over photos with Israelis (6)

An Egyptian court is to hear a case against prominent singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan after photos emerged of him posing with Israeli celebrities, local media said. The reports said a lawyer has filed a case accusing Ramadan of causing "offence to the Egyptian people" with the pictures which have sparked charges on social media of "betraying" the Palestinians. The case is to be heard on December 19. Also on Monday, the syndicate of Egyptian artists said on Facebook it was suspending Ramadan's membership until he is questioned "at the latest in the first week of December". Ramadan, a 32-year-old actor and rapper, boasts millions of followers in the Arab world, is a close friend of Morocco's King Mohamed VI and won the 2019 All Africa Music Awards prize. On Saturday, an official Facebook page in Arabic of the State of Israel posted a photo of Ramadan hugging Israeli singer Omer Adam on a rooftop in Dubai, a member of the UAE which signed a normalisation deal with Israel in September. Another widely shared photo of him with Israeli footballer Diaa Saba also caused a stir online, with the hashtag "Mohamed Ramadan is a Zionist" trending on Twitter. The celebrity has shot back, saying: "I don't ask which country the person who wants to take a photo with me comes from unless they say themselves." He also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the Palestinian people. Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel but relations have remained cold, with many Egyptians fiercely opposed to Israel's policies towards the Palestinians.

01:15 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt’s integrated efforts see success against illegal immigration: NCCPIM & TIP (5)

01:15 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egyptian President praises government’s performance in pandemic economy (5)

19:20 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt condemns attack on Saudi Arabia’s Al-Shaqiq port (4)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

23:07 IsraelNationalNews.Com Egyptian court to hear case of celebrity over photos with Israelis (4)

Prominent singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan to be taken to court after photos emerged of him with Israeli celebrities.

01:15 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Data, AI, e-payment most important for Egypt’s digital transformation: Experts (4)

10:09 MIGnews.com Гнев в Египте из-за дружеского фото певца с Омером Адамом (4)

В Египте разгорелась шумиха вокруг фото, на котором Мохамед Рамадан стоит в обнимку с Омером Адамом.

14:38 WarFiles.ru Видео: радикально измененные МиГ-21 приняли участие в учениях в Египте (4)

МиГ-29М2 ВВС Египта впервые действовали совместно с самолетами FTC-2000 на учениях "Орлы Нила-1". Это экспортная версия китайского JL-9 - модернизированного JJ-7, который, в свою очередь, является клоном советского МиГ-21УБ

00:23 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Orange Egypt Announces the Winning Egyptian Team among 7 Countries in Orange Ventures MEA Seed Challenge 2020 (4)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

00:43 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com After 4 years, Egypt’s exchange rate liberalisation proves its economic boon (4)

17:50 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com CAPMAS studies repercussions of COVID-19 on Egyptian economy (4)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

10:15 Apostrophe.ua Археологи заметили на стенах обнаруженных в Египте гробниц жуткие "послания": фото (3)

В Саккаре (Египет) археологи нашли в древнем некрополе гробницы с саркофагами, на стенах были написаны проклятия.

21:12 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egyptian Actor Mohamed Ramadan suspended over photos with Israelis (3)

19:11 Cursorinfo.co.il Популярного египетского певца судят за фото с израильским музыкантом (3)

По информации СМИ Египта, звезду местной эстрады Мухаммеда Рамадана вызвали в суд из-за селфи с израильским музыкантом Омером Адамом.

01:53 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Cairo University launches competition encouraging e-education (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

01:15 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com No intention to appoint foreign director for Grand Egyptian Museum: Al-Anani (3)

01:15 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt eases payment terms for entities requesting medical supply through AUPP (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

19:38 IsraelNationalNews.Com Egyptian actor in hot water over selfies with Israelis (3)

Mohamed Ramadan faces calls for boycott after selfie shows him hugging Israeli signer Omer Adam in Dubai.

14:22 Sputnik-Georgia.ru Хо-хо-хо, или Приключения Санты на Мертвом море - фото (3)

Мертвое море совсем не безжизненное, наоборот, только стало еще краше, благодаря приближающимся зимним праздникам. Смотрите в фотоленте Sputnik, как стартовали новогодние приключения у Санты

02:26 IsraelNationalNews.Com Photo from Dubai causes uproar in Egypt (3)

A photo of Israeli singer Omer Adam with Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan is causing outrage in Egypt.

07:57 Apostrophe.ua В Древнем Египте о звездном небе знали больше, чем сейчас - ученые в восторге от новой находки: фото (3)

В египетском городе Исна в храме бога Хнума, строительство которого завершили в правление римского императора Клавдия, обнаружили названия неизвестных ученым созвездий.

01:05 VPK.name Видео: радикально измененные МиГ-21 приняли участие в учениях в Египте (3)

Истребители МиГ-29М2 военно-воздушных сил Египта на учениях "Орлы Нила-1" впервые действовали совместно с самолетами FTC-2000 китайского производства.Эти учебно-боевые машины принадлежат Судану, над полигонами которого, собственно, и отрабатываются различные сценарии применения данной крылатой техники.

22:55 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt, Russia navies start joint drills in Black Sea (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

21:32 Jerusalem Post Islamic state claims responsibility for blast between Egypt and Israel (3)

00:51 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt’s Embassy in UK holds webinar on GERD dispute (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

00:23 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt seeks to augment economic cooperation with African countries: Gamea (3)

13:10 Focus.ua В Египте находят новые мумии со статуями богов и слугами для загробного мира (фото) (3)

В некрополе Саккара обнаружили уже более 100 мумий с древними артефактами.

10:16 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Coronavirus pushes passenger car sales forward in Egypt (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

21:01 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt, US officials inspect USAID-funded wastewater treatment plant in Rod El-Farag (3)

00:30 BBC Arsenal's Elneny tests positive for Covid-19 on Egypt duty (3)

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny tests positive for Covid-19 while on international duty, the Egyptian Football Association announces.

23:13 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt closely follows updates of Guerguerat dispute in Western Sahara (3)

20:06 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Russia awaits Egyptian Health Ministry’s approval for COVID-vaccine deal  (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

23:06 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria record Egypt’s highest COVID-19 cases: Health Minister  (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

15:59 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt, Italy sign 2 agreements to support SMEs, Robiki Leather City (3)

09:12 Apostrophe.ua В Египте обнаружили загадочную мумию, меняющую представления о цивилизации: фото (3)

Археологи обнаружили необычное мумифицированное животное в Саккаре (Египет), которое может перевернуть традиционные представления о древней цивилизации.

02:21 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Cairo Opera House hosts 29th Arab Music Festival (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

19:31 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Sandoz Egypt launches first joint scientific program to discuss latest developments in organ transplantation (3)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English

17:50 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com The Waterway Developments launches EGP 5bn residential project in New Cairo (2)

15:18 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt’s non-oil private sector grows to 6-year high in October: IHS Markit (2)

15:04 Ahram Online Egypt condemns 'in strongest term' multiple terror attack in Vienna (2)

On Monday, an unknown number of gunmen carrying long firearms opened fire into crowds in bars during the last evening before a nationwide curfew is imposed over COVID-19

14:43 IARex.ru Армия юристов готовится к выборам в США — Times of Israel (2)

Дональд Трамп предположил, что исход выборов президента США вполне может быть решен в суде. О том, почему, чем ближе финал дня голосования, тем больше вероятность того, что его прогноз сбудется, рассуждает Марк Шерман в издании Times of Israel. Пр…

14:10 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt launches 29th Arab Music Festival and Conference (2)

The event is hosting 29 concerts on various open-air stages of the Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour opera houses

14:10 IsraelNationalNews.Com PM ignores Supreme Court decision on illegal Bedouin town east of J'lem (2)

Netanyahu ignores Supreme Court deadline for response on appeal for demolition of illegal Bedouin town near Jerusalem.

17:02 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Egypt’s banking authorities move to protect sector from 2nd COVID-19 wave (1)

08:13 IsraelNationalNews.Com The Muslim Brotherhood will use a Biden presidency to advance “Congressional Jihad” (1)

CAIR heavily backs Rep.Ilhan Omar and claims a Biden “victory” is due to its pursuit of “Congressional Jihad.” Op-ed.

21:29 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Imperial footprints in Egypt’s Geography: The case of John Ball (1)

15:28 DailyStorm.ru Валуев похвалил выпустившего книгу цитат Кличко за умение смеяться над собой (1)

Мэр Киева издал иллюстрированный сборник со своими известными высказываниями, назвав его позитивным

14:28 Ahram Online Egypt to partially resume diving activities in parts of South Sinai (1)

The decision comes after a nine-month hiatus to diving activities amid the coronavirus pandemic

23:50 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbeya, Luxor see high COVID-19 infections: Health Minister (1)

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English